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Meet the Staff of Birmingham Broker

Craig Westbrook - Founder and Owner

205-716-1269   bhambroker@gmail.com

Craig Westbrook, Founder and Owner Before venturing out into small business ownership, Craig's career was in Residential New Construction Real Estate. Craig decided to make his luxury car passion a career when the real estate market experienced major changes in June of 2007 and has never looked back. It wasn't a surprise to friends and family when Craig chose his love for automobiles as his career. He had been brokering high-end vehicles for many years as a hobby. Craig's interest developed at a young age, through growing up in a family of Porsche drivers which sowed the seed for him to be smitten with European cars. "When I worked in real estate we sold over 150 houses per year. Not one of those sales made me smile like selling one car does." Craig Westbrook

TK Calil - Exotics and Sport Vehicles

205-410-7511   tk@bhambroker.com

TK joined Birmingham Broker in late 2014 after a long career at Tom Williams Porsche, BMW, and Land Rover. TK is very knowledgeable about both luxury and sports cars and is meticulous in his methods of buying them with his customer in mind. He specializes in finding the "right" used car for his customers. He has been a member of the Porsche Club of America for the past 15 years and loves to engage in club events at the Barber Motorsports Park.

"Patches" Inman - Manager, Finance

205-578-0546   Patrick@bhambroker.com

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Shane McRay - Sales

205-716-1269   shane@bhambroker.com

Hi, my name is Shane McRay, a Nashville, TN native and German Car Enthusiast. I moved to Birmingham in October of 2013. Even though I miss Nashville I have grown to love Birmingham and the people in this growing city, so this is now what I call home. I have been in the car business since June of 2011 starting out with Audi till October of 2013. I then moved on to BMW till September of 2015 when I decided to join the Birmingham Broker team. I have known T.K. for a few years so I know what kind of business he and Craig Westbrook run so it was a perfect fit. I have been selling high line cars, mainly German Engineered cars, for 4 years and has become a passion - filling my head with product knowledge. I have learned to know your competition whether it be Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi and so forth and am able to differentiate between them all. Knowing the differences will help a customer decide what is best for their needs and wants. If you are looking for the car of your dreams - I here to help you find what you are looking for simply, efficiently, and at the right price.

Christian Schaefer - Sales

205-578-0530   christian@bhambroker.com

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Wayne W. - Detailer


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